K A Lundgren | About
AB K A Lundgren är ett familjeföretag som grundades 1902 och som nu drivs av fjärde generationen Lundgren. Vi har varit leverantör till svenska charkuterifabriker i över 100 år och vi säljer framför allt korvskinn, men även andra produkter till den svenska charkindustrin.
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Leverantör till svenska charkuterifabriker
The company

K A Lundgren is a family company founded in 1902 now being managed by the fourth generation Lundgren. We have been a supplier to the Swedish meat industry for over one hundred years. Our main products are different kinds of sausage casings, but we also sell other things. Please view our assortment by selecting “PRODUCTS” in the menu. Today we are 11 employees, eight of which work at our head office near Gothenburg, one in Stockholm and two in Kristianstad.


We constantly work with our customers need in focus. Delivering the right products in time at a competetive price is our motto and our definition of quality. To be able to live up to this we only work with products that live up to our own high quality standards. We also have a very close relationship with all our suppliers who can also help our customers with using the products.

Our extensive knowledge of the industry and our care for our customers lets us contribute added values beyond the high quality of the products themselves.